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Learn the skills and techniques for making steel sculpture of your own design, in a safe "hands-on" environment.

This class is aimed students of all levels. It could be your first time working with steel, or you are an established artist looking to expand your skills into a new medium.

I offer a safe place where each student can bring their own design ideas to explore. We can also work on design possibilities together, to get your creativity started and help you build the skills needed to become a metal sculptor.

The skills I can teach you include: Plasm cutting –  MIG welding – Stick welding (MMA) – Drill press – Angle grinder skills – Hand tools – Sculpture Finishing Techniques.

Join the 18 week semester class at the Brisbane Institute of Art (BIA) in Windsor, Brisbane.

Student Testimonials


"I had such an awesome time attending this class with Gabe. It was so much fun coming up with a design for my sculpture and then using various tools to build it. I was nervous initially about all the metal working tools but Gabe was really patient and informative. He didn't expect me to know anything or to have done metal working before. We went through all the safety information and techniques for each tool. Once I had a practice I realised it was really exciting and interesting. I love the sculpture I made and it still surprises me that I was able to do it in one session. I would highly recommend anyone to give it a go and have some fun!"



“The Sculpture class with Gabe is not just about joining bits of metal together. His class is a group of like-minded people coming together to explore possibilities, test their patience, release tension, and discover our own freedom of artistic creativity.”



“It’s been an absolute blast and a privilege to learn from such a multi-skilled and accomplished artist. With a hands on, playful yet proficient approach to his teachings, I feel like I’ve been able to learn many things in quite a short space of time. Thanks Gabe! “



“I have known Gabe for a few years now and he has been our mentor for the last two. His background as a sculptor in metal is an inspiration and gives me confidence in his help and advice.Gabe’s enthusiastic and thoughtful guidance, without judgement of your creative process, is exactly as a creative need from a mentor. Studio time is always uplifting, intellectually stimulating and productive and joyous. His guidance adds skills to my abilities every week and helps with the outcome of each work.”



"It's so great to attend Gabe's metal sculpture classes. As a working Australian sculptor, Gabe not only shares the 'mechanics' of working with steel, he shares an expansive wealth of creativity - whether it's having you look at other Australian and International sculptors or discussing the design goals of each of his attending students. I highly (highly!) recommend Gabe's sculptural classes."



“Gabe has been helping me translate the two dimensional into three dimensions. Cutting, crafting, bending, manipulating, and joining together pieces of metal into a sculpture. Gabe is patient and encouraging and has an infectious sense of enthusiasm as he guides us through to the finished piece.”

“I am a two-dimensional artist (a photographer)



" Hey this is fun! If you have the motivation, Gabe can leverage your inspiration and mentor your metal work skills and finishing techniques”.



“Coming back to formal creative practice can be daunting and Gabe’s friendly, open and inclusive approach makes a big difference, making it safe to ask questions and try new approaches. He’s clearly passionate as a sculptor, and as a teacher he’s as curious and engaged; very generous with his knowledge and time and happy to explore whatever project fires you up!”



“I am enjoying the freedom to make whatever I can imagine; I appreciate that someone like me, who had no prior experience, can share the space alongside those who have decades of experience and I don’t feel left behind; that you provide one-on-one support to those in need and guide us to manifest our visions while still ensuring we have creative freedom/control. It has been a great testing ground for me to try working with metal and see if it’s something I’d be interested in pursuing further.  It’s a very supportive environment. Plus, it’s fun and empowering for someone like me.”



“Gabe has been an excellent tutor over the last couple of years with his infectious personality and generosity in passing on tips and metal working knowledge. His enthusiasm to assist me on my sculptural journey has given me the confidence to progress my art practice.

I have been a regular metal sculptor attendee for the last 12 years at the BIA. It’s addictive and fun to share ideas with like-minded metal enthusiasts. I particularly like extending my architectural design aesthetics into a smaller scale fabricated form.”



"Gabe's metal sculpture workshop is the perfect creative space to express yourself whilst learning new technical skills. You come in with an idea and Gabe helps you make it a reality.  He's a fantastic mentor and full of encouragement. I love this space and will be a regular here for sure!"


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